Stop Buying Plastic :
On an average about two to three hundred thousand tourists visit the Andamans every year, and every tourist consumes at least 2-3 liters of packaged drinking water and an occasional bottle of coke every day, assume you stay on the islands for seven days and do the maths!!!

It’s a huge amount of plastic that we cannot recycle. THE ISLANDS HAVE NO PLASTIC RECYCLING PLANT!!! Sadly so far the administration is doing nothing about it, and making the problem worse by burning the plastic. But we as individuals can do something about it…. Well we at the Full Moon Café are at least trying.

We have had a safe filtered water refilling station for over 7 years, and our menu has several healthier and tastier options to packaged drinks. We urge our customers not to buy PET Bottles and to refill and reuse them to help, help us keep the islands clean and green!!!

It is part of our philosophy to try and stop tourists visiting our islands from buying PET plastic bottles.