Daily Specials : Our cakes and desserts are home-baked by Niamh, freshly made every day. She also makes special occasion cakes to order. We have also just started baking our own Whole Wheat Brown Bread, which we serve as a healthier Breakfast option.

As coffee lovers ourselves, we are very proud to serve freshly ground coffee with our own blend of coffee sourced from the best Arabica and Robusta beans grown in South India and made with love in Madras and Italian styles.

*Because of our remote location {we are 1,500km from India} and the tiny amount of land under agriculture in the Andamans {we have 85% reserve forest cover} there is a scarcity of fresh local fruit & veg so some of it must be imported from mainland India. This is why we sometimes experience shortages of produce and why market prices in the Andamans are often higher than in the mainland. We think it’s worth it.